Very slow options strategy bulder

Hello, I am facing this issue every now and then. The strategy builder and options simulator gets very very slow. One cant move without waiting for long. This should not be like this. Please look into it urgently.



Option Charts

Historcal EOD and Intraday Charts of all Options Contracts are provided or not??? It is not seen on free version of Tradepoint. I want options charts in all chart types especially Renko Chrting.

M2M Alert

Hi, Please can u add one feature that give alert system based on profit and loss on strategy that we create on opstra. It will help retailer to square of their position without watching screen always.  It might be small feature but it will add […]

Data Accuracy In Option Simulator

Hi, I was trying to match your data with trading view or any historical charts, there always seems to be mismatch. In opstra lets say if we are taking 9:20 am (taking as an example) for any day in option simulator, then spot value in […]

Option Simulator Strategy Charts are small and tiny

Hi, Not sure if this only problem at my end. Whenever I am using option simulator, the strategy graphs appearing are really tiny and I have to zoom, or I have to select the chart area to appear it bigger. Please suggest a solutions. Thanks

Greeks in Options Stratergy – Very Important

Hi, Raghu mentioned that max profit , max loss and breakeven changes if I.V increases in his webinar with Elearnmarkets Can you please explain, how max profit, max loss and breakeven is calculated in Iron fly. I thought, it is a static calculation, but Raghu  […]

Tata Motors

A possible bullish trade if 360 Ce gives a double top buy above 11.5


Query regarding WPCR feature found in OPSTRA. To calculate the WPCR should the entire option be included? Made manual calculation, but the did not match with what is shown in WPCR in opstra. Could someone throw some light here?

Kotak Bank bullish indications

Bullish indications from KotakBank 1800 CE;   The CE has formed a base near 35-40 and has started rising now; First resistance is near 65, and if it crosses 65-70, it can rise much more