Kotak Bank bullish indications

Bullish indications from KotakBank 1800 CE;   The CE has formed a base near 35-40 and has started rising now; First resistance is near 65, and if it crosses 65-70, it can rise much more

Biocon looking bullish

Biocon 400 CE is looking bullish on the chart, as long as it is above 5-6; Can possibly go to 16-18

Opstra Simulator slow

HELLO, I have today only started using Opstra Simulator. Looking at videos, the 30 min forward clicks and loading Option chain was very fast. But in reality, every click takes 20 secs on my good laptop and excellent braodband. Can someone suggest how to speed […]

SRF looking bullish

SRF 6500 CE has a bullish chart

Reliance possibly bullish

Reliance 2000 CE above 25, will be bullish

Bajfin 5800 ce

Maruti Potential bullish

Maruti 6800 CE indicates bullishness as long as it is above 110. A good r:r

UPL looking bullish

UPL 700 CE can give a good trade

ITC potential reversal

ITC is showing signs of a reversal after a sustained downtrend, and the same is reflected in the 205CE chart too

 Options Backtesting Bug

Using the “Short Credit PutSpread” under Technical Trading of the Options Backtesting Tool. I see that after running ONE backtest, if I want to edit the Put deltas, it doesn’t run the backtest again unless I refresh the page and enter fresh values all over.