DECMA 2021

for RSI – webinar stocks entry exit

once we had bought the stocks say today , identifying highest RSI number , than , again after next week some other stocks might come in radar, should we keeps on changing the stocks regularly at choosen frequency

ADx – what about late entry

if the adx had started from moving upwards and if i want to take late entry if i missed at first place , what to do

nifty current elliot wave structureq

current nifty elliot wave want to see


We are subcribers to Opstra and Decma. Can you provide us the recording of the previous DECNOCH pls which was held in 2020


DECMA is in GoTo Webinar.  Pls provide a button which you can click and a screenshot of the webinar gets saved on your computer.  This way we can review later the technical notes. Also pls let us know if you will provide recorded copies of […]

when we trade reversal what are the chances of successful

as a technical analyst what we learn first is the we should trade in the trend direction , so rather keeps on finding the reversal pattern , should not we find the patterns where the trend should continue    

And it starts

First session by Mr. Dinesh Nagpal