DECMA 2021

Signals, Noise and (Noiseless)charts: POST E-DECMA EFFECT

E-DECMA 2021 was wonderful and extremely useful for fine tuning my “System2Trading” concepts; Iam sure the euphoric and steroids effects from the conference will propel all of us till………… The philosophies of trading, investing was discussed by many experts and there were some interesting perspectives […]

E DECMA 2021 – Excel File Mr. Galrani

Hi, Mr. Galrani in his presentation spoke about making his excel file available to the audience in the webinar. Has he shared it and if so, how can one access it? Can you pls provide a link to download? Also, will the E-DECMA 2021 recordings […]

recording of E-DECMA 2021

Need recording of E-DECMA 2021 …can you plz upload asap <div id=”gtx-anchor” style=”position: absolute; visibility: hidden; left: 140.538px; top: 19.2px; width: 114.162px; height: 17.6px;”></div> <div class=”jfk-bubble gtx-bubble” style=”visibility: visible; left: 183px; top: 47px; opacity: 1;” role=”alertdialog” aria-describedby=”bubble-2″> <div id=”bubble-2″ class=”jfk-bubble-content-id”> <div id=”gtx-host” style=”min-width: 200px; max-width: 400px;”></div> […]

E-DECMA 2021 Query …

What is the differnce of Trade Point Vs Trade Point Web ? As today i have seen MAST indicator in E-DECMA 2021 session by Mr.Raju Ranjan so where i can be seen this MAST indicator .. Moreover i want to know what is super trend […]

Requesting Sessions for Option Sellers

Great Session yes’day and today. Looking forward for similar sessions on Option Selling.

Mr Galrani

Can you request Mr Galrani to provide the excel sheet for the attendees.  It can be than distributed by DefineEdge

Moneycontrol PRO coupon code

require moneycontrol pro coupon code that Mr vishal talked , he had offered the moneycontrol pro 1 year subscription to the attendee of this DECMA for Rs.1/- , request you to provide that coupon code

Recording of Decma

When will the recording of Decma be loaded on your website


For Drashta do we have to give cash margin or can we give stocks margin to buy F &O  

PPP Investing

If speaker can take one live example of stock selection that can fit in his criteria right now