Which type of posts can be published in this forum?

Any post on Technical analysis. However, posts on Noiseless charts and Options strategies are more popular in this Forum because of the unique features of TradePoint and Opstra.

Are the posts shared in the Forum trading and investment recommendations?

No. The posts are related to market analysis and the sole objective is to learn from each other. They are for educational purposes and should not be treated as recommendations. Definedge team doesn’t monitor the posts and approve any recommendations. Please consult with your investment advisor before trading and investment in the market.

Should we only post charts or we can share other market information also?

Please avoid random market information and unnecessary forwards. Please avoid strong words while mentioning the view on the stock. Please share charts. We strongly promote process-oriented and disciplined trading and investment.

Please avoid arguments and disrespecting others. Please report to admin if you find non-appropriate posts. Please avoid good morning, good night and festival wishing messages.

Please avoid promotion of your products and company. This Forum is to for discussion on subject.

Can we post chart on any method of charting?

Yes, please post it in appropriate category. Prefer TradePoint and Opstra charts.

Can we post queries related to TradePoint and Opstra platforms in this Forum?

Please contact the support team for queries related to those platforms. Let us stick to subject related discussion here.